Charter Day at the Ephrata Cloister

Three of us were guest printers at the Ephrata Cloister during Charter Day, a day when all PA state historic properties are open free. The day was very cold and the print shop there was only slightly better heated than at our Conestoga Press. It was also helpful to have something close to a production run on the new press to see what must be done to it to get it printing.

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A New Old Press

Jeff makes some adjustments to the new reproduction English Common Press at the Ephrata Cloister. The press will once again allow demonstrations on a wooden press at the site. The Ouram press, just out of view in this photo is beautiful, but can’t be used to print because of it’s historical value. The Cloister was the bginning of the rich history of printing in the area and is just a few blocks from the Conestoga Press. Along with the Heritage Press and other local history, Ephrata is a great destination for those interested in letterpress.

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Support a Letterpress Printer Today!

8aa123450d2905857f9a2abac3af527a_originalWe have a unique opportunity to support a printer and a hiker on Kickstarter. Lindsay Schmittle, owner, designer and printer of Gingerly Press is planning to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail next year. To support this effort she has started a Kickstarter Project where for your support you can receive some pretty cool printed notebooks and/or prints. Check it out. Lindsay is one of our favorite Pennsylvania letterpress folks and she produces some very creative work that celebrates the old processes, but at the same time takes them to a new horizon.

Check out her Kickstarter Project Here!

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2016 Christmas Cards Available

Starting Saturday, October 8, the 2016 Christmas cards will be on sale at the HSCV Library. Stop by to pick yours up. It’s a limited edition and we think we’ll sell out this year because there has already been a great reaction by those who’ve seen the photo that photographer Don Reese has so generously allowed us to use. What do you think?

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Come See Us at the Letterpress Fair!!!


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Museum of Printing Soon to Re-open in Haverhill, Mass.

IMG_3123Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to stop by the Museum of Printing, formerly of North Andover, Massachusetts; now just a bit further north in Haverhill, but conveniently located immediately off 495. They are in the process of moving since last year and there’s still much to do, but I also saw some great stuff there. It’s going to be great!

Thanks to Ted for waiting for me at the old museum for so long before finding me at the new one! You can check out pictures on the web site of the big move and watch for progress. Compare the photo online to the library cabinets being installed to the one below.                                            – Randy


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See What’s in the June AAPA Packet

Watch as I go through the latest AAPA packet at the print shop. As a member of the American Amateur Press Association I get this packet monthly filled with other members’ work. It’s a source for ideas and inspiration at the Conestoga Press as well as providing some great stuff to post on the walls. You can check out the AAPA web site at

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Obelisk Type Identified

IMG_0102We have this in 36 and 60 point. Identified on page 399 Specimens of Type – ATF 1981 reprint of 1896 copy. Originated with Mackellar, Smiths, and Jordan Foundry, Philadelphia. Photo of type in compsing stick here is reversed.

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Follow Bronstrup on Twitter

IMG_0109Yes, Bronstrup, our 1850’s Iron Press is now on Twitter. He’ll tweet discoveries and unscheduled openings of the Print Shop at Conestoga Press. And he’ll follow other presses and letterpress tweets to participate in the conversation of the craft.

Check it out at

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Crafts at the Museum Saturday, June 11

carpenters-scroll-saw-1878-lgOur annual little gathering of traditional craftsman at the Historical Society is Saturday from 10 to 4. Stop by and see some scroll saw work, tatting, printing, and other crafrs. It’s free.

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