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Monkish Type Identified

My biggest thrill is postively identifying a type, especially when it is an older ornate type that may have some historical significance. We have that and we have several unknown serif styles that are close to one thing or another, … Continue reading

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Obelisk Type Identified

We have this in 36 and 60 point. Identified on page 399 Specimens of Type – ATF 1981 reprint of 1896 copy. Originated with Mackellar, Smiths, and Jordan Foundry, Philadelphia. Photo of type in compsing stick here is reversed.

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Combination Border Series 98

Scattered among several places upstairs we found the parts of this series. Some are difficult to recognize on their own, but we finally placed them as part of this interesting border. It seems at this point we have a fair amount, … Continue reading

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Mystery Font #1 36pt. 48pt.

Who am I? Yes, even though we have thousands of pages of type guides of one kind or another I just haven’t found this font. Know what it is or what it might be? Post a comment below.

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Announcement Roman 14pt. 18pt.

Typeface designed by Morris Fuller Benton and released by the American Type Foundry in 1917. (Represented here by Society Page, a revival by Nick Curtis in 2009.) Typeface entries are for those typefaces found in the Conestoga Press shop. We … Continue reading

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