Combination Border Series 98

CC84CD17-07B5-4294-BAB1-A102D31C43FDScattered among several places upstairs we found the parts of this series. Some are difficult to recognize on their own, but we finally placed them as part of this interesting border. It seems at this point we have a fair amount, with certainly more to surface, especially the smaller parts.

The American Bookmaker – July 1890

“A new combination border from the foundry of MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan is presented. The general impression is that of a sheet of paper torn away from a frame, the ragged edges being plainly that of paper. On the part that is left there is a geometrical design. The border seems to be good, and while it will not probably be much used, as the popular taste does not now incline to type borders, it can be made useful. It is known as Combination Border, Series 98. The first section [which is what we have @ Conestoga Press] consists of twenty-one pieces, the second of fourteen and the third of seventeen. Each can be used or bought separately.”

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Chine-colle’ Printing at Conestoga Press

IMG_2737We are fortunate and honored to have John Myers, a local art teacher, coming by the print shop and introducing some new ideas and techniques. Here he is standing in front of some experiments in Chine-colle’. Thin paper is added to a portion of an inked block so that when the print is made on a sturdier paper the very delicate paper adheres to it. In this case, the cut paper from a map forms the detail for a woodcut that John made of himself holding a map. It was printed on the Bronstrup Press.

We look forward to John helping us explore wood cutting / engraving and other ways of creating media to print… and crossing the street to the Black Forest Brewery now and again as well.

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Printing Classes at .918 Club in Lancaster

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 7.54.07 AMIntroduction to Letterpress Printing Workshop

The .918 Club in Lancaster is offering a great opportunity to learn all about letterpress. This workshop introduces the history and fundamentals of letterpress printing. Hand setting type, computer plate composition, proofing, lockup, and printing are all part of this hands-on experience. The 5 session workshop will be held on every other Tuesday night in February and March. Complete session descriptions, costs, dates, and directions are here (pdf).

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Merry Christmas!


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Christmas Open House @ HSCV

Come by 12219352_1116161468409096_4646181119453737738_nthe Historical Society on the corner of Main and Oak streets December 6 from 1 – 4 PM. We’ll be printing a special card in the print shop, there are special displays, music, decorations, and of course, COOKIES!

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Emanuel Rau Press on Loan

IMG_2680The Emanuel Rau Press shown was converted by Harry Stauffer to demonstrate letterpress printing. We’re still trying to understand how the press was originally designed to function but plan to use it as Harry did, to demonstrate printing at various events. We know that Emanuel Rau seems to have been mostly involved in envelope manufacturing. The press is graciously on loan from it’s owner, a member of Harry’s family.

Check out the calendar and come by the Print Shop to see it.

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Come See the Itinerant Printer October 10!

Saturday, October 10, 2015 – 9AM until Noon (at least)
IMG_1877 copy 2

Chris Fritton, the Itinerant Printer, is visiting letterpress printshops across America, producing unique prints at each venue culled from their idiosyncratic collections of antique wood type, metal type, cuts, ornaments, and photopolymer plates. ese prints are being mailed back to followers and supporters of the project as postcards (and care packages) from the road. He has visited Universities, book arts centers, private printshops, upstart presses, and well-established presses. And NOW he’s visiting The Conestoga Press! Come meet him and a whole lot of other printers since members of the American Amateur Press Association is starting out a day-long outing with us!

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Print Shop Apprentices Ride in Style in Ephrata Fair Parade

FullSizeRenderApprentices Madelyn and Isaac rode on the back of a new Mustang to represent the Future, following an antique car that included two costumed Historical Society members riding in the rumble seat. A banner preceded both with the Society’s motto: Preserving the Past for the Future.
Weather was beautiful for the ride following a lengthy waiting time. They still looked cheerful as they waved for the TV cameras near the end of the parade at the judges stand.

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Jimmy DiResta Does Bookbinding

My favorite video blogger and maker, Jimmy DiResta makes a book.

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Mystery Font #1 36pt. 48pt.

J09Who am I? Yes, even though we have thousands of pages of type guides of one kind or another I just haven’t found this font. Know what it is or what it might be? Post a comment below.

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